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Safety in the Petroleum Services Industry

Winner of the APMA Top Safety Award

As an active member of the Arizona Petroleum Marketers Association’s Board and Safety committee, CEO Apryl Erekson personally vouches for Cochise’s strong commitment to a culture of safety. Our continued safe practices help Cochise employees to be the best they can be. We developed stringent safety checklists that cover projects including tank removals, blowout product lines, installation of tanks, and final completion. In addition, we provide site specific safety information on all major products such as company contacts, specific site hazards, required safety equipment, emergency procedures and safety meeting specifications.

Substance Abuse Program
We strictly enforce an industry-approved safety and substance abuse program. This was written by a professional loss control company and satisfies the requirements of our major oil company customers. All employees involved in the critical area of petroleum construction, new hires and even office personnel are tested. Random draws by social security number are tested monthly and the approved medical centers listed in the safety books automatically test any Cochise employee who comes in for first aid.

Insurance & Risk Mitigation
To minimize risk to our clients, Cochise maintains a minimum $2M liability insurance policy and pollution policy, and is covered by a $4M umbrella. This attention to detail and risk assures our customers that Cochise will never be a liability on any job.

Industry Education
Cochise is committed to safety and employee training every year. We believe that keeping our team educated and trained to the most current standards is one reason why we are consistently the best.


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