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The Southwest’s largest petroleum services company, Cochise , Inc., is celebrating 33 years of success this month. Cochise offers one of the widest range of services within petroleum services, specializing in construction, sales, service, testing and general maintenance for convenience stores, service stations and fuel facilities. Their clients range from well-known retail convenience stores and service stations, to large industrial fuel facilities, including municipalities and school districts.

Chief Executive Officer Apryl Erekson co-founded the company in 1986 with her husband President Brent Erekson, and they now have 73 employees across the Southwest. Outstanding quality and an unsurpassed safety record have led Cochise to become the Southwest’s leading petroleum services provider, earning the reputation of constructing projects that are “Built to Last.” Projected revenues for Cochise will reach $18 million this year. Cochise is one of the largest minority-owned petroleum services businesses nationally, and one of only two with minority ownership in Arizona. The company has no debt and manages daily operations from revenues and cash reserves.

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